These are the bands I perform with regularly and those I am proud of which to call myself a member!



We play soul, we play funk, we play R&B. We’re a soul-funk-R&B band. ON THE SUN was started by two good friends of mine, Dylan (guitar) and Matt (bass) who I went to high school with back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After many years apart, we reconvened in NYC and started playing music together again. We discovered Adam, our amazing lead singer, the Layton sisters (Stephanie and Susanne) who’s doo-wop background vocals are just the thing, and Yan, who tickles the ivories on his sick Nord keyboard like nobody’s business. Together we are ON THE SUN. Music is what we love. We write amazing tunes and we kick ass on stage. You should come hear us! Learn more about us and see where we’re playing next at our website below.


The DIVA Jazz Orchestra


Recently having celebrated its twentieth year in existence – the DIVA Jazz Orchestra is led by drummer Sherrie Maricle. Founded by Stanley Kay in 1992 and made up of 15 extremely swingin’ and talented women, DIVA has performed all over the world, playing contemporary and mainstream jazz big band music for diverse audiences. I myself have been a member of DIVA (lead tenor sax and solo clarinet chair) for 8 years now and what adventures I’ve had with them! We’ve been all over the US, to Amsterdam, Paris twice – and we even toured Germany for two weeks. Each and every time we get together, we simply have a great time making music together.




From Wikipedia: Escort is a contemporary disco band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Dan Balis and Eugene Cho, they are known for their modern and live dance music sound. Their live performances feature a 17 piece line-up. Founders Dan Balis and Eugene Cho met at Vassar College and started making house singles in the early 2000s. Escort started as a studio project for the duo who, “wanted to make records in the spirit of the old ones we were sampling.” Despite being a self-proclaimed disco band they “are very careful to make music that doesn’t just sound and feel old, but is actually relevant for DJs and listeners today.”


The Gotham Easy


The Gotham Easy is a hot jazz band born on the mean streets of NYC. While being completely at ease playing classic standards in the time-honored New Orleans tradition, the band brings a brash vitality to music that is all too often treated as a delicate museum piece. The Gotham Easy’s members have been playing together since 2006, performing at house parties, weddings, bars, clubs, speakeasies, film festivals, theaters, churches, burlesque shows, variety shows, award shows, swing dances, parades, funerals, radio stations, museums, universities, zoos, parks, libraries, European jazz festivals, NFL games, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Whether revitalizing the traditional jazz canon with their excitement and energy, or whipping an audience into a frenzy with their raucous original compositions, the Gotham Easy brings the music of the early 20th century into the early 21st century with a fresh style and attitude.